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ZP3 Parodies TWIM!

ZP3 Parodies TWIM!

This clip is brought to you by ZP3 and his sidekick, Tits McGee [...]

TWIM 20 - Game of the week vs. ZP3 (REMATCH)

TWIM20 – SGibs vs. ZP3 (THE REMATCH!)

Game features a Maddenbible Wiggle kick return touchdown, courtesy of SGibs [...]

This Week in Madden - Show 20

This Week in Madden – Show 20

Sgibs and ZFarls will reveaedl their top 10 teams, give out live tips and break down all the action from the Madden Challenge Finals in Miami today. The discuss the Problem’s win and whether he is the greatest of all time. Lots of plays for pounding the ball especially from under center as well as […]

TWIM 20 - The Rematch!

TWIM 20 – The Rematch!

It’s that time of the week again! TWIM 20 “The Rematch” will air LIVE tonight at 8:30PM est. Sgib’s looks to recapture his top spot as he will battle against MB community member, “ZP3”. Twim 18 showcased ZP3 beating Sgib’s [...]