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Madden 11 Tips – Game Length

Why Does Sgibs prefer longer games while ZFarls would opt for a shorter game? [...]

This Week in Madden show 19

This Week in Madden – Show 18

Here is the show stream Call in live 508-318-4243! Send it out and lets get some hits tonight! Tell @OGOchoCinco we will train him in madden to beat @Ihatethegame. We will be breaking down: How to rocket catch with full tutorial, best routes, best players and what buttons you need to press. We will be […]

rocket catch

Art of the Rocket Catch

SGibs will show you how to Rocket Catch all over the field in this video tutorial [...]

This Week in Madden - Show 17

This Week In Madden – Show 17

This Week In Madden Show 17 was a great success! We gave out tons of madden 10 tips and madden 10 money plays. We also took like calls and broke down all the action that happened at MLG Orlando [...]

lightning round

This Week in Madden – Show 13

WIM Show 13 was a great success! We had 300+ viewers check in tonight. We gave out live tips to callers, interviewed some big names in community and delivered some hot news. We took mailbag questions, played the lightning round and brought you Sgibs tip of the week! All that is below, thanks for watching and […]

ZFarls Madden Game Winner

5 Common Ways To Lose Madden Games

Here are some key points which will cost average players Madden games against higher level players. If you consistently make these mistakes, you will be destined to your current level and will have trouble beating top competition. 1. Getting Away From Your Gameplan – If you don’t play with set audibles and some type of […]


Madden Bible D-Book – New York Jets Free Preview

Well, no doubt about it folks, Sgibs has done it again. Am I right or what. I mean, this kid pumps out top notch plays like no one else out there. Locking him up in my basement and making him play 12 hours of Madden a day since release has really paid of for everyone. This book is insane, it builds [...]


Madden 10 Detroit Scheme is Available Now!

Alright folks, today Madden Bible is proud to release its MAJOR offensive scheme and breakdown for Madden 10! The Detroit guide as you have all seen a preview of here, is now for sale here on Madden Bible [...]

Using Game Theory To Dominate In Madden!

Using Game Theory To Dominate In Madden!

Here at the Madden Bible, we not only strive to bring you the best plays from the community, but also the best strategy. This article will jump into the topic of Game Theory. If your not familiar with Game Theory here is a definition : Game theory attempts to mathematically capture behavior in strategic situations, […]