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WR Post Corners Revealed

WR Post Corners Revealed

As you know and have seen on our weekly Madden Show “TWIM” WR Post Corners in Balanced and Tampa Bay Playbooks is one of the most dominant plays in the game. Here we break it down for those who still need a little help with it, or have may have forgot all the variety this […]

run n gun guide

FREE Run N Gun Scheme (Video Guide)

Since Madden Bible started with a youtube Run N Gun guide (Over 100,000) hits combined, we wanted to release some more RNG action for our fans. Now, In 08, the Run N Gun was the most potent offense in Madden, it was still solid in 09 but not as dominating. When Madden 10 came out, […]

This Week In Madden - Show 28 Archive

This Week In Madden – Show 28 Archive

ZFarls and Sgibs will be back tonight with more Madden tips, news and strategies! Check out the archive here!

ZFarls FO Game Archive - Cowboys Vs Texans

ZFarls FO Game Archive – Cowboys Vs Texans

Texans 3-0 Vs Cowboys 3-0 Click here to watch the archived game, it was a great matchup that came down to the wire. A FG would decide this game! Zfarls and his 3-0 Dallas Cowboys, headed into reliant stadium in Houston for a matchup against the 3-0 texans. The texans threw for 6,000 yards last […]


Unbumpable Routes Guide!

Here is a great mailbag question from Fin Fever – How to use and understand unbumpable routes! Aaron Schatz of helped us talk lining up and beating the bump. Every formation must have 7 guys on the line, lets look at how we can get better at the motion snap!

Game of the week

SGibs Vs Young Vince Game Of The Week Archive!

Sgibs VS EAFL Renegade and Big City HOF Champ Young Vince! Sgibs brought out the Titans as Vince rolled with the raiders, you can watch the game in its entirety right here!

ZFarls Live Stream Of Madden 10!

ZFarls Live Stream Of Madden 10!

ZFarls Cowboys VS Green Bay Packers in Football Outsiders League! Watch The Archive Right HERE! Could ZFarls overcome a fumble and felix jones injury? Would Tony Romo be inaccurate? The boys will be playing a playoff rematch from last season in his football outsiders league! His 2-0 Dallas Cowboys will take on the 1-1 Green […]

ZFarls Madden Game Winner

5 Common Ways To Lose Madden Games

Here are some key points which will cost average players Madden games against higher level players. If you consistently make these mistakes, you will be destined to your current level and will have trouble beating top competition. 1. Getting Away From Your Gameplan – If you don’t play with set audibles and some type of […]

Madden 10 Tips - Finding Your Key Stat!

Madden 10 Tips – Finding Your Key Stat!

EA Sports gives you the option online to have your game statistics e-mailed to you. If you have not done so, this is an absolute must for anyone who wants to become better at the game. Once a game is finished, you can think back to a few key plays and think about missed opportunities […]

Dallas Cowboys - V.10: Still America's Team!

Dallas Cowboys – V.10: Still America’s Team!

With each new Madden release comes new teams, new plays, and new schemes. Every new season dawns a new day, a resurrection, the rebirth of each and every one of our games. We have hope, we have excitement, and then we have the Madden 2010 Dallas Cowboys. Unfortunately for Madden 2010 we may still be […]