Eli Manning Is Elite Now?

In 2010, Eli Manning was left off the top 100 players coming into the season list on NFL Network. That season, he stood on the podium holding his second SB MVP Trophy! Lets take a look at how the dialogue created this error by NFL Network.
My Argument: If Eli is “elite” now, than he already was prior to this season.

Point 1 – The Giants won MORE games in 2010, than they did in their 2011 Super Bowl Regular Season!
The 2010 Giants were 10-6 but missed the Playoffs with Green Bay grabbing the final spot ahead of Tampa Bay and NY. While in 2011, they finished 9-7 but won the NFC East.
What is the one loss that everyone specifically remembers from the 2010 season?
Week 15! aka – The Miracle in the Meadowlands.

Yup, the game the Giants needed, where Eli had 4 TD’s and his 3rd highest rated game of the season. The Giants scored 31 points and had a huge lead before … well, you know! This L took 11 wins and a potential playoff run away.
The same week 15 game in 2011, season was a seemingly a must win game. The Giants controlled their destiny and Eli came out and had his worst rated performance of the season vs Washington. This cost the Giants control of the NFC East.

Point 2 – Eli threw for more TD’s and had a 2 pct higher completion percentage in his “bad” year.

I agree that Eli turned it over too many times during the 2010 season, but to put Flacco, Freeman and even DONAVAN MCNABB!!!!!!! in front of him on the list is totally insane. The Giants were still winning games despite the turnovers and those who watched ALL the games (not just the Packer game) knew how many of those interceptions were not on his shoulders.

Kirk Morrison on NFL Network saying Eli was shaky early in 2011 is laughable…When the Giants were 6-1 and he was in MVP Talks behind Aaron Rodgers. He also had the worst Rushing Attack in the league despite perception of Giants as a smashmouth team.
Also with all new weapons around him. (Steve Smith gone which EVERY Giant fan I talked to couldn’t figure out, until Eli made Cruz a beast. Giants also lost Kevin Boss)
Morrison also mentioned Eli is now finally in control enough to audible at the line which he has been doing forever. I can remember his rookie year where he took his bumps, Eli audibled to a run at the last second to beat the Cowboys 28-24 in the last game of the season. Yes, he still can let the playclock get low, but now he uses those timeouts better and is in full control at the line.

So, if the Packers had lost that week 17 game to the Bears and the Giants slipped into the playoffs in 2010, are we having this conversation simply one year earlier? So many things happen that you can’t control with schedules and how the dialogues are made up. Vince Young is a Winner Dialouge (Despite NO Playoff Wins) Cam Newton can have all the gaudy stats. I’ll Take Eli, been saying it since 05.

Eli the Hall Of Famer? Why create this dialogue now? Did he retire yet? If he keeps 25-30 TD’s with 12-15 Ints for 6 of the next 8 seasons, probably. But why create all these alternate universes and angry commentators figuring it out? Until then, lets just hope Eli can crack the Top 50…

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About the Author: ZFarls is a 23 Year Old Madden Baller from Boston, MA. Along with Sgibs, he owns Madden Bible and looks to give players advanced strategies and tactics to win more madden games. He preaches confidence in what you are running and knowing the situation you are in. Everything else will come naturally!

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