5 Players To Watch In Super Bowl 46!

Here are the top 5 Players who will determine who wins on Sunday in Superbowl XLVI – The Rematch between the New York Giants and New England Patriots!

Honorable Mention – Chris Canty (Stay in Base Run D) Tynes (Touchbacks) Wilfork (Shutdown Giants Run) Chung (Force a Turnover) Ballard (Split the middle vs Cover 2)

5. Victor Cruz

Cruz has taken the 3rd down role occupied by Steve Smith last season and in Super Bowl 42. He has 7 TD’s with his team trailing and 9 plays of 40+ yards! Welker works the middle for New England, Cruz however, has breakaway speed and can go the distance on any play. Cruz will either make a huge drop or a huge run after the catch, one of these could be the factor either way!

4. Rob Ninkovich
The Patriots lost their best pass rusher to injury during the season when DE Andre Carter went down. New England is now blitzing more than most people realize and a big key is LB Rob Ninkovich. While Manning does a good job reading the defense pre-snap, the Patriots hope to bring pressure and fool the mediocre Giants line. San Francisco had success with LB Aldon Smith and NE will look to do the same.

3. Antrell Rolle

The Patriots Offense has moved to a fast paced horizontal passing attack. Safety Antrell Rolle will come down and play some man to man against WR Wes Welker over the middle. If he can hang with him, that leave an extra defender to match up against the talented TE’s. This allows Deon Grant and Kenny Phillips to occupy the middle and punish receivers who attack it.

2. Rob Gronkowski

With Gronkowski’s injured ankle, the Patriots may not be able to run the hurry up personnel that makes them dynamic. Aaron Hernandez isn’t the blocker that Gronk is, and his shift to TE means means a bigger role for unproven Underwood or Ochocinco at WR. Gronk’s 15 Catches and 3 TD’s in the playoffs are huge and his range allows Brady a great safety valve. He is expected to play, but the Giants will look to test him early with bumps and chips at the line.

1. Tom Brady/Eli Manning

With a win, Brady catapults to the time of the all-time QB discussion list. Eli Manning with a win, ascends into a true top tier and would even have an advantage over his Hall Of Fame Brother, Peyton! These two won’t be on the field together,  but they are the biggest factors in their teams winning. If Brady can stay on his feet or if Manning can make another miracle play, both teams will position themselves to win. NFL is a QB league and here are two of the best back at it!


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About the Author: ZFarls is a 23 Year Old Madden Baller from Boston, MA. Along with Sgibs, he owns Madden Bible and looks to give players advanced strategies and tactics to win more madden games. He preaches confidence in what you are running and knowing the situation you are in. Everything else will come naturally!

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