Mad-Den TV Show #191 Holiday Special: Blaine Nickel 335 Blitz

Blaine sent in a blitz so good and quick we had to get it on the show. What I love about this play is that it requires two QUICK & EASY setups!

Thanks Blaine!

SS Mike Blitz

Formation: 335 nickel

Playbook: 4-3

1. Show blitz
2. Move SS down a little bit so he doesn’t move by himself
3. Reblitz ROLB. ( i press Right Bumper than left on the RS )
4. User FS and cover running back or their first read.

Thanks, HousiN. My xbl GT is lxl HousiN lxl

Will you be using Blaines blitz? Leave comments below.

1 for “i will never use this”
10 for “I will add this right now!”

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About the Author: ZFarls is a 23 Year Old Madden Baller from Boston, MA. Along with Sgibs, he owns Madden Bible and looks to give players advanced strategies and tactics to win more madden games. He preaches confidence in what you are running and knowing the situation you are in. Everything else will come naturally!

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