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The Madden NFL 12 season is running strong, and as always the Prima Madden team has been busting out everything from the newest Madden strategy videos to streaming live gamer strategy on the web.

Just Released! Offensive Custom Winning Playbook

We have great news for our Madden NFL fans! We just released the new Offensive Custom Winning Playbook. With over 1,000+ Hours EACH in Madden NFL 12, ZFarls and SGibs are miles ahead of the competition. They have been delivering absolute fire from Day 1 and are now ready to release every single play and tactic they have kept hidden in their custom playbooks. Thats right, you can now get inside the greatest minds in the Madden NFL community and instantly add all of their “money plays” into your gameplan.

If you are a Winner’s Kit customer, you already have access. Simply sign in to your account to see the unlocked content.

The Offensive Custom Playbook Includes:
-Formations and plays that force the defense to instantly come out of man coverage
-Plays that smash zone coverage on one side and beat man on the other
-Special routes and motions that will burn bump n run coverage for huge gains
-Formations that force the defense to reveal their coverage
-Step by step video instruction on how to setup the perfect custom playbook
-Learn how to beat pressure by picking it up, or almost instantly throwing it over.
-If you have been slacking on your Madden NFL 12 game, your in luck. The hard work is done for you.

This playbook will catch you up and get you where you need to be to start winning more games. Order it today!



If your interested in the Offensive Custom Playbook, make sure you pre-order the Defensive Custom Playbook as well. Out Next Week, it will include:

-Legit A-Gap Pressure, Yes the rumors are true!
-Force the offense to react to YOUR packages, not the other way around
-Pressure that looks the same, no matter what coverages are behind it.
-Be able to call 5 devastating plays from one formation at the line
-Quick setups against players who like to call the hurry up offense
-Discover Madden 12′s best front for overloading the offense
-Includes a diesel run stopping concept to force your opponent into long yardage situations.
-Learn the secrets of spotlighting and what plays maxamize this tactic
-Put the scrambling QB in a coffin, game over!
-Find out the extra adjustment you need to make QB Spies devastating

Get both as a bundle discount! Defensive Available Friday Nov 4th


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About the Author: ZFarls is a 23 Year Old Madden Baller from Boston, MA. Along with Sgibs, he owns Madden Bible and looks to give players advanced strategies and tactics to win more madden games. He preaches confidence in what you are running and knowing the situation you are in. Everything else will come naturally!

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