Madden 12 Impact Rookies

Lets take a look from a Madden NFL 12 Perspective to see what rookies will get be likely to have high ratings in Madden 12.

QB -

Cam Newton – Stud in the making for Madden – THP, SPD, STR
Blaine Gabbert- Some physical tools, not for me tho.
Jake Locker- Ran a sneaky fast 40 time, could have a little physical Rodgers in him, without the Brain. Good for Madden
Colin Kaepernick – Tall, Fast, great backup to wrinkle into the offense.
Ryan Mallet – Big arm, small brain
Christian Ponder – A few great scrambles in college, hmm?

RB -
Mark Ingram – Not fast enough to matter
Jacquizz Rodgers - Great weapon to add via later rounds
Noel Devine – Now were talking
Da’Rel Scott – More speed for your squad.
There are proven solid John Clays, Dion Lewis, and Demarco Murrays of the world, but they don’t get me as excited as guys with great speed.

WR -
Julio Jones and AJ Green. Both are 6’4 studs with elite speed. Jones ran a 4.3+ 40 yard dash on a broken foot. Both appear to be Dez Bryant 2.0′s in the making!
Torrey Smith is smaller but has the speed to hang in the top echelon.
Titus Young – been called a poor man’s Desean Jackson (nuff said)

Lineman –
Fairley and Bowers are talented, but in Madden 12, you would take the WR every time!
Paea – If only for those 49 reps! 99 Strength?

LB’s -
Von Miller- Great edge rushing speed.
Akeem Ayers – Compared to Manny Lawson, nuff said.

Secondary -
Peterson looks like a star in the making
Prince Amakamura – Ran a solid 40 time to lock in his top 10 status.
Chykie Brown – Raw skills
De’andre Mcdaniel – Struggled in real life, but this is Madden. Speed doesn’t lie!
Ahmad Black – Size hurts, but still an impact player.
Robert Sands – 6’5 – a next generation Pat Watkins?

Madden 12 Draft Needs (Popular or Sleeper Teams)

1. Carolina (2-14) – Solid team overall, need a QB or Big Target. DE doesn’t help them in Madden!

7. San Francisco (6-10) – Cam Newton?

8. Tennessee (6-10) – Cam Newton? Vince Young, clean it up!

9. Dallas (6-10) – One more quick LB, with roster updates they will be back in Madden 12.

12. Minnesota (6-10) Speed on defense or a QB!

13. Detroit (6-10) – Under the radar Madden 11 team, if they can grab 1 or 2 gems, they will remain solid.

23. Philadelphia (10-6)
Need speed in the secondary to continue Madden domination with Vick.

24. New Orleans (11-5)
Need to add more speed on the defensive side of the Ball!

32. Green Bay (10-6)
Shaping up to be dominant in Madden 12, could use a speed back to add threat to running game.

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About the Author: ZFarls is a 23 Year Old Madden Baller from Boston, MA. Along with Sgibs, he owns Madden Bible and looks to give players advanced strategies and tactics to win more madden games. He preaches confidence in what you are running and knowing the situation you are in. Everything else will come naturally!

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  1. john says:

    bro its way too soon to be already thinking bout madden12 cmon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Tom Waddle says:

    Just an FYI, fellas….. Julio Jones and AJ Green both officially measured under 6’4″. Not by much but nevertheless… Jones 6’2″ – Green 6’3″

  3. Militant X 1 says:

    #26 Ravens (13-5)

    Draft Needs:

    OT, Speedy WR, Pass Rusher DE/LB, CB

  4. Patrick says:

    My predicted player ratings…

    1.) Blaine Gabbert – 78
    2.) Cam Newton – 77
    3.) Patrick Peterson – 84
    4.) Nick Fairly – 79
    5.) Von Miller – 83
    6.) Julio Jones – 82
    7.) AJ Green – 84
    8.) Marcell Darius – 81
    9.) Prince Amukamara -79

  5. Shawnymoe says:

    What about the raiders being a sleeper team they drafted the fastest player n the draft in DVD and drafted the fastest running back n the draft Taiwan jones to go along with all the speed they have already has to make them a nice sleeper team unless u think there already a gd team to began with.

  6. Offdensen says:

    Locker should have better speed and equal throw power to Newton. If we are going by combine numbers.

  7. Tyler says:

    Patrick hit the money on newton… Til the roster update… But I think he is underrated on madden 12 slightly

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