Madden 11 Tips: Madden Bible Nation’s Top 11 Blitz’s!

Hello MB Nation, here we have compiled our forum members and our best blitzes of the season. Now, my basic set up is a simple FS in the B Gap, with a Contain DT and a Spy DE. But, if your looking to really attack the offense, we have put together the 11 best Madden 11 blitzes below!

Get in the lab!

1. Contain Defense
Started By SGibs after taking on Harlem and S-Jack in back to back “Games of the Week” Gibs knew he needed a way to slow down Mike Vick users online. He labbed and added the “Contain D” which has taken over for “Goaline D” last year. Mobile QB’s are on lock, and 3rd and 10 is a nightmare!
Bonus: By rushing one side (3 guys) and then Spy DT, Purple DE, and User LB, you still get great heat that you can call on almost every down!

2. WTK’s Nickel Normal – Over Storm Brave
1. Spread DL
2. Show Blitz [This places both MLBs near DT.. You can leave the left MLB where he is an contain him, but I would move him over DT then press circle to switch to the right MLB & put him over the right DT.]
3. Blitz LDE
4. Switch to left MLB & Contain him over DT
5. Press Circle & Put right MLB in any zone you prefer
6. Blitz RDE

User the FS..Check your assignment.. at the snap, if he blocks, drop in coverage or rush.. You can also user the MLB you AREN’T containing..

3. 4-3 “Wall” by WFColonel
This Blitz and concept by Colonel Screams with his Atlanta Falcons. His overall knowledge and amazing topic on all aspects of the 4-3 is a top forum thread at Madden Bible, thanks for getting everyone up to speed on the 4-3!
Official WFColonel56 4-3 Normal Thread

4. Chad Cover 4 D
Chad plays a unique style of defense forcing the opponent to take long drives and work his way up field. We had him Live in studio to break down his defense!

Video streaming by Ustream
Plus, Sgibs showed his own “2.0″ Cover4  sample on Mad-Den TV 82

5. Tylers 1-5-5 Tourney Defense!
Ty brought a similar gameplan to Chad but out of a totally different formation, he had a quick setup that kept his opponents off balance!
Gibs showed the D off on Madden TV 85!

6. Ballaman 2 Man Nano
It is a 2 man blitz with one contain and cannot be slide protected against. I understand Tyler on here has the same concept as this blitz, but this takes it one step farther. Here you go, vid included.

This can be ran out of any play in the Nickel 2-4-5 regardless of whether the OLB’s are standing up or on the ground. I choose to run the play 9 Velcro as the base D for this blitz due to a 4 deep shell and 2 flat zones as well.


1. Shift LB’s right
2. Contain #2 MLB and shift LB’s left after that
3. Put #2 MLB over top of the LT like in video. Put him right on the line if under center and at the hip depth wise of the DT if in shotgun.
4. Reblitz ROLB(left of screen) globally
5. Put #2 DT in spy or yellow in undercenter, spy only in shotgun
6. Reblitz the #1 DT
7. If time permits, stack the #1 MLB over the #1 DT.

It looks like a lot of setups presnap but I promise you once you get quick with it, you will get them all done before they can quick hike you. The reason I stack that LB is once you get them worried about the left side blitz and they start using a back to block it, use the contain D on the right to hit them up for an easy sack. Watch the vid to see the placements of the LB’ers and how effective the blitz is.


Vs undercenter: With no slide protection, blitz comes around the edge everytime. With slide protect aggressive, pinch, or right: blitz always comes around. Vs slide protect left: Blitz will still come off the edge but the DT will also come through unblocked.

Vs shotgun: No matter what if placed correctly that LB will come off the edge. If they slide protect left, that contain will also come from the right unblocked when they think they are safe.

7. Boldin 3 Man Blitz

34 Predator-Weak Blitz or Weak Blitz 3
Setup:*Setup is as looking at the screen: LOLB=Left side, RDE=Right side
-Contain the DT
-Put the RDE in any zone
-Slide D Line Left
-Reblitz LOLB(RB/R1+Right Stick-Left)
-Reblitz LMLB and Put as shown in the video

8. Blanco Blitz

46 Normal – Pocket Contain (speed package)
1. move the left of screen LB on a contain directly over the LG on the line. He needs to be close enough to take his attention, but far enough to clear the DT when he loops.
2. Move the right of screen linebacker a yard or so back from the contain linebacker and blitz him over the LT.
3. Playmaker the SS to a flat zone.
4. Playmaker the LDE (right of screen) to a purple zone.
5. Man up the slot cornerback (originally on a spy) on nearest receiver.

The reason this play works is because the contains of the RDE and LOLB create a gap as the O lineman slide to cover them. The blitzing ROLB comes clean right through that gap. If they start slide protecting to that side, leave the SS and LDE on their blitzing routes and change the linebackers in coverage (but position them the same). The pressure will come very quickly off the other edge

9. Mega Blitz! (Megatron showed MB this unslideprotectable blitz for 3rd and long!)

10. SGibs Dime Scheme!
A full defensive scheme with a coverage blitz, all out heat and the classic that is “the zone blitz”

11. 4-6 Guide!
The 4-6 Guide packages many of these blitz concepts together making it the ultimate defensive book! If you trust MB to deliver top Madden 11 Tips, pick up a guide and start unleashing your wrath on the opponent. The 4-6 features 40+ Pages and teaches you full breakdowns of

Run Defense 101
Overload Blitzes
Disguised Pressure
Man/Zone Blitz Combos
Delayed Bump N’ Run

Formations Include:

46 Normal
46 Bear
Dime Flat
Quarters 3 Deep
*Nickel Strong*

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About the Author: ZFarls is a 23 Year Old Madden Baller from Boston, MA. Along with Sgibs, he owns Madden Bible and looks to give players advanced strategies and tactics to win more madden games. He preaches confidence in what you are running and knowing the situation you are in. Everything else will come naturally!

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