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Madden 11 Mailbag: Swapping Money Plays

Madden 11 Mailbag: Swapping Money Plays

SGibs and ZFarls will always take your question via the forums or twitter! Hit us up and be featured in the mailbag or on twim! From XFactor in So Cal: When you have a play in your offense, but it slowly starts becoming less effective or overvalued, when do you ditch it or remove it […]

MB Breaking News: Pat Watkins Released!!!

MB Breaking News: Pat Watkins Released!!!

NO! He was 1 of the top 11 user safetys in Madden 11! 6’5 beast mode user safety Pat Watkins has been released by the Dallas Cowboys. This is a sad day for Madden Bible Nation! He was mighty slow, but boy could he swat the rock. Cowboys still have a very fast secondary and […]

mad den tv episode 13

Mad Den TV – Show 13! Running the Smash

SGibs brings you into “The Mad-Den” to show you how to effectively run the HB Smash. He also is back with more player comparisons and even takes some mailbag questions! Besides Chris Johnson, is AP the best in the game?

Madden 11 Playbooks Buffalo Bills

Madden 11 Playbooks – Buffalo Bills Guide

SGibs rolls with the Bills offensive squad and scheme to show you how to set your audibles! The Bills have an average Madden team, but with the right plays in your aresenal, they can win games!

KOTC Foxborough Tournament Today

KOTC Foxborough Tournament Today

SGibs gives a little tourney thoughts for KOTC Foxborough! ZFarls made final 4 before chocking and gibs went 2-2 and had a rough day. ZFarls is distraught and will update you later with his thoughts.

Madden 11 Browns Playbook

Madden 11 Playbooks – Cleveland Browns Offensive Scheme

SGibs shows you how to set up audibles for the Browns and runs through some plays with them! Seneca Wallace even gets in on the action!

Mad Den TV - Episode 12! Vertical Passing Game

Mad Den TV – Episode 12! Vertical Passing Game

Learn how to utilize the Vertical Passing Concept! We showed you the horizontal passing concept earlier, now learn how to stretch the defense Raiders style! (If they were good) Extensive run defense segment. Learn to shutdown your opponents running game! Sheldon Brown vs Joe Haden- who you got? UC&C Sheldon Brown Eric Wright Joe Hayden

MB NFL Pickem! Think your wicked smaht?

MB NFL Pickem! Think your wicked smaht?

Join Sgibs and ZFarls in a Yahoo Fantasy NFL Pick em league! Winner for overall season will receive a full prize pack from Madden Bible! You can sign up here! Madden Bible Group ID# 35112 Password is Maddenbible Invite your friends as well!

madden 11 playbooks chicago bears

Madden 11 Playbooks – Chicago Bears Free Scheme

Hello Madden Bible Nation! Today will be our first of many FREE complete mini schemes we provide for the upcoming Madden 11 Season. We are leaving commentary out of these videos so that we don’t bog down your brain with our adjustments. The concept is whats important and that can be seen from the video. […]

Madden 11 Safeties

ZFarls Top 11 User Safetys in Madden 11!

Here at Madden Bible, we have preached about the importance of usering defenders and how to master the art of the user pick. Today’s post will break down our favorite players to user and why we find them to be such gems. Without further ado, here are the top 11 user defenders in Madden 11. […]