Free Play Friday – NCAA 11 Syracuse Offensive Scheme

Today’s Free Play Friday, takes a look at the Syracuse book for NCAA 11. This is a ground oriented attack which will leave opponents begging for mercy. I have consistently put up 200+ rushing yards and over 400+ yards on a few occasions. You are able to mix in some quick hitter passes to keep the defense on their toes, and of course you have some quick ways to get scores as well!

The video is embedded at or you can click here to watch it!

Lets get some audibles installed before we hop into practice mode!

Audibles (In Rank Of Use)
Strong I – Quick Toss
Shotty Tight – Stick
Ace Tight – PA Deep Curls (2 slot blue routes)
Goalline – Power O
Shotgun 2 Back – HB Wheel

Other Plays
(Quick Audible) From Strong I, Audible to quick pass audible. (right stick up) This will give you a quick hitter to your FB.
Shotgun Spread – Post Flags! Similar to post corner, smart route both outside guys and streak the slots. This will stretch the defense to its breaking point!

Teams- In NCAA, I personally enjoy the freedom of having a mobile QB. I think it really adds a new dimension to the offense and something the D will have to worry about. Ohio State has a solid and fast RB in Saine. He can fumble but overall they Buckeyes are a good fit.

This scheme is suitable for almost any team with a good RB. The QB isn’t required to make TOO many throws, while there are chances to beat the defense over the top, it isnt required. If you can hit the flats and keep moving the chains, the offense will open up!

What team do you run with?

To see this scheme in action, check here and watch ZFarls week 1 matchup vs Florida in the Madden Bible online dynasty!

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About the Author: ZFarls is a 23 Year Old Madden Baller from Boston, MA. Along with Sgibs, he owns Madden Bible and looks to give players advanced strategies and tactics to win more madden games. He preaches confidence in what you are running and knowing the situation you are in. Everything else will come naturally!

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  1. 2ndhandsoxx says:

    Awesome… syracuse book has a ton of plays that are excellent, these additional plays should help me alot, thanks again Bible!

  2. skinsnation says:

    if you play madden all these plays can be found in the saints playbook. So, you can use this same scheme for madden as well

  3. Mel Gibson says:

    I’m a syracuse fan and starting playing with them now that I now there playbook is money. How do you think Texas would be in this playbook? I think they got a scrambling back up QB. Or just keep there QB in?

  4. Mel Gibson says:

    And skin or whoever do you think the saints book would work good with the cowboys as thats my madden team. Thanks guys

  5. UserPick101 says:

    @ Mel Gibson
    Yes the saints book works well with the cowboys. I use them myself and I am 11 – 2 with them.

  6. ktizzle21 says:

    Man this syracuse plybk is def money man. i use 3 of ur audibles and 2 of my own and its pure fire. i like 2 use da trojans and run this cuz they have everything i need 2 make my offense go: a fast HB, an accurate QB, great receivers and an awesome tight end(one of da best on da gm). Man shotgun tight is downright impossible 2 stop da way i run my scheme cuz i have a great mix of run and pass. thanks 4 da audibles and input tho. its a really good plybk. also if u can RC, it makes this scheme even more unstoppable.

  7. Melly Mel Gibson says:

    Thanks bro! I’m on the dallas cowboys playbook! It works really good to!

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