Sgibs Offense/Defense from Players Bowl Revealed!

Here is a small look at what Sgibs rolled with at players bowl.

Team: Saints

Pros: Brees Accuray, Colston & Shockey RC, Henderson and Bush Speed

Cons: Defense, Bush can fumble.

Offense- Tampa Bay
goaline- FB dive (sneak is banned unless its one yard to go, renders it useless at this point)
weak I twins- hb toss
Gun Split- WR Post Corner
Gun Y Trips- Curls
Snugs- Bench Swap

*Always came out in singleback y-trips wr screen

Defense- 46
46 Normal- inside blitz
46 Bear- Outside blitz
Dime- Fire fox
Dime- Strong Roll 3
Goaline- QB contain (run D)

*Always came out in 46 normal speed package Cover 2 Hawk

ZFarls  is hoping to talk to Sgibs via a live stream later tonight. What types of questions do people have for him?

Why did you switch to the 4-6?

Did Tampa’s Lack of Full House and Off Tackle hurt (compared to balanced?)

Would you do it differently?

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