Madden Bible Mailbag: Players Bowl Edition

SGibs and ZFarls are back from Players Bowl and are excited to take some question from the community. We have a few good ones from the forums and will also hit some up about players bowl!

Couple players bowl questions before we get to the mailbag

What was in “squeezes juice” a.k.a. the nutcraker?

No idea, it must have been sometype of Hawaiian Punch and alcohol. Between these beverages and lack of sleep, there was tension at players bowl.

What happened between Vince and Yomamma?

From what I saw and heard, Yomamma was “cappin”at Jeter during their game, later vince didnt like it and tried to let him know with his fist.Both guys got kicked out and lost a chance to win Players Bowl.

I literally hit the screen pass and had 60 yards of open field, I then had to turn and look back while running up the sideline. Overall, it was kind of disappointing to see. The Madden Community already has a tough rap anyway and its just not fair to Bobby Storm. The guy put on a Great tourney for 36 hours straight. He has to keep the Holiday Inn happy and all the sponsor like Gamer Saloon and Monster.

It was a small incident but I did feel for Bobby and I guess its just a reminder to the community to be on our best behavior ESPECIALLY at MLG events.

Best Offense: LOS vs Sgibs. and against me Showtime (who is even better at Fight Night?!?)

Best D: Problem: He had some pretty good heat. Against me Brusk had some good adjustments and locked up the screen well.

Nicest guy in person: Prodigy and Derwy were cool guys and talked to us for a while. Lil’Man is extremely nice as well as Big Game James.

Craziest person (not in a bad way): YoungFella in the hotel bar

Best Cheesesteak: We had them all, Geno’s, Pats and Jims. Genos and Pats were pretty good, Pats was better for the second time. My favorite was Jim’s steaks which was a few blocks north of the Holiday Inn. We got them real late and they seemed to be made with more love and better steak.

Best Win: After chocking my first game away (was up 14-0) I had to play “Tyronto” who I never heard of. But he beat Philstyle from EAFL in Orlando so I was a little nervous.

I was able to lock up his off tackle and was up 10-8 at the end of the half, He had the ball on my 5 with 30 seconds left and a 1st down. Ended up locking him up and he went for it on 4th and didnt convert. This game me momentum for the second half. I went do 16-10 and got ball with 2 minutes left. I was a little nervous but I popped him with a screen from 40 yards out and took it to the house, Up 17-10 with 30 seconds left.

I then kicked off and was able to get a big interception (only had 2 all tourney) on the next play to seal the victory. People were surprised I won and it gave me some confidence when heading over to my PS3 round robin. Also it was my first game with Run n Gun so I stuck with it.

Little recap video if you havent seen it, otherwise lets get onto the Maddenbible Mailbag Questions!

Alright, lets go onto the Maddenbible Mailbag questions!

Homerun Hittas
My  question is when it comes to approaching this year’s Madden what do you believe is the best approach to the game for success if you could only pick one-

1. Gameplanning


3. Schemes/Imposing Your Will

4. Labbing/Practicing/Stick Skills

5. Team Choice/Personell Choices as in what player to control or have starting

6. Playbook Choice/Playcall Choice

7. Hot Routes and Audibles/Making Adjustments on the Fly?

Thanks for all the help this year and keep up the good work

Great question here, all of these things go hand in hand. Basically you have to do all of these things to be great.

Start with 4, get in the lab. The you want to think about number 3 and creating a scheme that suits your style. You have to scheme BECAUSE you can’t do anything, until you know what you want to do.

If you don’t know what you want in life, how are you going to get it? You will just be floating along after nothing. If your not sure if you want to run, pass, throw short, your offense will be a mess and you wont have a “gameplan”

You can’t really gameplan until you know want and what kind of scheme you have.

Once you have those things down, you can pick a team that makes you more powerful. If you need a fast WR to maximize your gameplan, you can’t pick the chargers. If you need a 2 TE’s for your scheme, you may want to use Dallas.

Now that you have an idea of what you want to do, why you want to do it and how your going to do it – The game will come easy to you.

Adjusting on the fly has to be the low on the list. Its a skill that GREAT players have, therefore it can’t be easily obtained. You can’t adjust if you don’t know what your running for a scheme. Don’t be a robot though, its very important.

Lastly, strategy plays a big role in the end. If you have a scheme which creates confidence, you should be in alot of games. Some players are smart with clock, coaching and scoring. Others like “Andy Reid” seem to constantly make bad choices. The more tight games you play, the better you will get.

I think this is a great question though, most of these elements go hand in hand but you gotta start in the lab trying to create a scheme that works for you before you can do anything else!

Peyton Manning MVP

Who is the best player you have faced on TWIM this year?

Lets see, TWIM awards-

Best O – Harlem

Best D – Young Vince

Best Hit Sticks – Big Game James

Most Adjustments – Lil Man – (He apologized again for his connection and the snowstorm that nailed Philly, Hopefully he can come on next year)

Best Scheme – Zan

Worst of All- Time – 2 guys one puck

Most annoying messages ever – Seattle4ever

Overall people started to cue in on Post Corners and hit the 4-4 to the flats. We have figured out ways now to keep them both honest. Using the screen for O and QB Contain Quarters on D we can now neutralize these tactics. Remember, sometimes you gotta take a beating to get better.


What “bad team” in Madden 2010 do you think will improve and become a widely-used team in Madden 2011?

I wouldn’t call the Jets a bad Madden 10 team, but I think they will be improved with A-Cro coming over. They did lose Leon Washington though which could hurt them in speed dept. They will be a good sim style team and should be able to “lock up” on defense especially if Man coverage is strong.

The Lions also got better with Jahvid Best and a little age to Matt Stafford. They could be a sleeper team again. I also like the Dolphins again. Marshall gives them a big target, they got plenty of pieces to run ALL kinds of different schemes with. They should be a pain in the neck for Madden 11.


What are your top 5 offensive playbooks?

I used less playbooks this season than normal, but I gotta say I wish I had found Run n Gun earlier.

1.Balanced (I will never forget you post corner)

2. Run N Gun Loved using this at Players Bowl, only labbed for an hour and won 3 huge games with it. Screen, Snugs, Wildcat, Shotty 2 back, flats! Lots to love in here.

3. Tampa Bay – Screen and post corners. You lose full house and off tackle tho.

4. Detroit- Our first book and scheme got hurt by patches, but the instant control and ability to run with a fast QB was a great time! No Rockets needed.

5. Pass Balanced – This book got tons of love and tore me up a few times, but I am not a user of traditional sets, so I didnt love it like Sgibs and Big Slow did.


What does gibs think is the dumbest thing farls has said or done this season and vice versa, what does farls think is the dumbest thing gibs has said or done?

Ahh, the memories.

We forgot laptops, controller batteries, talked without mics on, ran backwards with onside kicks, booked flights at PM instead of AM, paid for parking in the wrong lots, Tried to bring Dr. Pepper through airport security, tried using household bulbs as lights? There were numerous dumb things we did this year.

ZFarls dumbest moment – Recovers onside kick with 40 seconds left up 3 against killa. Runs backwards 40 yards. On second down, audibles to 5 wr and throws screen which the defender DROPS right in his breadbasket causing a riot to erupt at MLG orlando. Maybe the dumbest move ever? Anyway, I dropped a post corner rocket to Vinny Jack for the win, in case you forgot?

Sgibs – Booking people who knew how to smash his offense on TWIM. He brought in tough players especially EAFL guys. He would take a pounding for the good of the community, because he loves you guys.

Although, maybe not packing for Players Bowl until 5 am when we had to leave the house at 4 am might be dumber, we JUST made our flight. Wicked close.

Anyway, this year of Madden wasn’t as “successful” maybe as 08 for me, but I wouldn’t trade it in for anything. The people we met during the Madden 10 season, the places we traveled to, the contacts we made and the things we learned were amazing.

Madden is just the game we play, the time we spend is amongst friends playing hard and getting better. If you apply these lessons to your everyday life, you will become better as a person.

Thanks to all the Madden Bible boys who made Madden 10 our most successful year yet, thanks!

Get ready for Madden 11!!!

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About the Author: ZFarls is a 23 Year Old Madden Baller from Boston, MA. Along with Sgibs, he owns Madden Bible and looks to give players advanced strategies and tactics to win more madden games. He preaches confidence in what you are running and knowing the situation you are in. Everything else will come naturally!

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