Madden 11 Adds Gus Johnson as Announcer!!!

Well, I could try and write this post with as much emotion and excitement as Gus Johnson brings to each game, but it would be in all caps and size 44 with exclamation points EVERYWHERE!!!!!

So, instead I come to bring you some facts.

- Gus Johnson has joined the Madden 11 broadcast team.

- He will be replacing Tom Hammond who did a below average job. After having Al Michaels, Tom didnt bring the same aura to the position. Now we are gonna get energy from Gus and likely forget about Tom.

Gus called the Broncos Vs. Bengals game in Week 1 where Brandon Stokely caught the long tipped pass for a game winning TD, Gus went nuts! Also Stokely used the Madden “Move” by running across the goal-line to waste time, maybe an NFL first!

Gus became his own Trending Topic on twitter during the March Madness game between K-State and Xavier. Not because he swore or slipped up, but because he was SO good at bringing excitement into the game.

He does multiple sports from Football, Hoops and even MMA.

I want Gus to call the soundtrack to my life. (with Make It Rain in the background)

Not sure if Chris Collinsworth will be back, but I hope not. Its not that he was bad, but after 2 years you can use a change. Alot of the lines are similar from year to year and the more you play, the more you realize it. With a new color guy, atleast the voice and inflection are different, so even if they say the same things, your mind feels refreshed.

I mean, you haven’t lived until you caught a football and had one of them clowns flip you upside down? AMIRIGHT!?!

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About the Author: ZFarls is a 23 Year Old Madden Baller from Boston, MA. Along with Sgibs, he owns Madden Bible and looks to give players advanced strategies and tactics to win more madden games. He preaches confidence in what you are running and knowing the situation you are in. Everything else will come naturally!

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