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Madden 11 Adds Gus Johnson as Announcer!!!

Madden 11 Adds Gus Johnson as Announcer!!!

Well, I could try and write this post with as much emotion and excitement as Gus Johnson brings to each game, but it would be in all caps and size 44 with exclamation points EVERYWHERE!!!!! So, instead I come to bring you some facts. – Gus Johnson has joined the Madden 11 broadcast team. – […]

run n gun guide

FREE Run N Gun Scheme (Video Guide)

Since Madden Bible started with a youtube Run N Gun guide (Over 100,000) hits combined, we wanted to release some more RNG action for our fans. Now, In 08, the Run N Gun was the most potent offense in Madden, it was still solid in 09 but not as dominating. When Madden 10 came out, […]

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Sgibs Offense/Defense from Players Bowl Revealed!

Here is a small look at what Sgibs rolled with at players bowl. Team: Saints Pros: Brees Accuray, Colston & Shockey RC, Henderson and Bush Speed Cons: Defense, Bush can fumble. Offense- Tampa Bay Audibles: goaline- FB dive (sneak is banned unless its one yard to go, renders it useless at this point) weak I […]

Madden Bible Mailbag: Players Bowl Edition

Madden Bible Mailbag: Players Bowl Edition

SGibs and ZFarls are back from Players Bowl and are excited to take some question from the community. We have a few good ones from the forums and will also hit some up about players bowl! Couple players bowl questions before we get to the mailbag What was in “squeezes juice” a.k.a. the nutcraker? No […]

Madden Bible: Players Bowl Recap Video

Madden Bible: Players Bowl Recap Video

Here is a short video from Players Bowl which took place in Philly May 15th. Its Madden’s toughest tourney and this year was no exception. Due to the game being out for so long, everyone is up on their game and all the big names showed up! SGibs and I got to meet some Madden […]


ZFarls and Sgibs Live Stream

ZFarls and Sgibs live stream for a few minutes to let you know our players bowl info and plans. If your coming down, please meet up with us! We want to thank everyone for a great year from Madden Bible. If you can’t make it down, we will be live streaming (internet willing) and tweeting […]


Players Bowl 2010 – This Weekend!

Sgibs and ZFarls just booked our flights and will be heading down to players bowl this weekend. The Madden Bible community should have some good reps there and we will be bringing some extra t-shirts. Sgibs has been labbing hard on his game and has some new fire for the scene. I have come to […]