ZP3 Parodies maddenbible.com TWIM!

One thing that the Maddenbible pride’s itself in is the ability to allow the community to get creatively involved in This Week in Madden. We will be happy to play a video-tip or Maddenbible-related video’s on the TWIM show (LIVE every Thursday at 830pm EST).

This clip is brought to you by ZP3 and his sidekick, Tits McGee.  Maddenbible community, feel lucky these guys are not the one’s bringing you the best weekly Madden

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About the Author: Eric joined the MaddenBible team in September 2009. Aside from building the maddenbible.com website, Eric also creates all the graphics for "This Week In Madden" and Directs the show. You can follow Eric on his Twitter page here : Eric on Twitter

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