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ZFarls Madden Game Winner

MB Beginning: Part 2

This is the 2nd part of the story of Maddenbible from ZFarls perspective.You can read part 1 here You can also read SGibs version of part 1 here (I cant say if his is as true as mine!) “Lets go see Sgibs”, Ed said. S.Who? I replied as we slowly started to head across the […]

TWIM 27 - Archive! Watch Here

TWIM 27 – Archive! Watch Here

ZFarls and Sgibs are back with another live edition of “This Week In Madden” You can watch the archive by clicking below! Tonight we will be talking “Players Bowl” details with Coach Chris  and/or Bobby Storm of GTP! This is always the biggest underground and final true test for Madden Players! We will take more […]


MB: The Beginning – Sgibs “Version”

The Beginning (So SGibs Says) Freshman year of College started out with a fury. Parties to the left, parties to the right, you’re not the only party going on tonight! I think Jimmy Buffet may have even been at a few of those parties. I participated in every single social event that I could find. […]

ZFarls FO Game Archive - Cowboys Vs Texans

ZFarls FO Game Archive – Cowboys Vs Texans

Texans 3-0 Vs Cowboys 3-0 Click here to watch the archived game, it was a great matchup that came down to the wire. A FG would decide this game! Zfarls and his 3-0 Dallas Cowboys, headed into reliant stadium in Houston for a matchup against the 3-0 texans. The texans threw for 6,000 yards last […]

NFL Changes Playoff OT Rules!

NFL Changes Playoff OT Rules!

The NFL voted on a new rules system for overtime. While its only for playoffs at this point, there is a chance they will amend the rule to allow it to be used during the regular season. Here are the new rules from an article on espn – “• Both teams must have the opportunity […]

UPDATED Balanced Guide Is Available Now!

UPDATED Balanced Guide Is Available Now!

Madden Bible is proud to present our newest guide! The Balanced Offensive book which helped Sgibs make his run at MLG is ready and in full effect!


Unbumpable Routes Guide!

Here is a great mailbag question from Fin Fever – How to use and understand unbumpable routes! Aaron Schatz of helped us talk lining up and beating the bump. Every formation must have 7 guys on the line, lets look at how we can get better at the motion snap!

Using HB Slant Post Patch

Using HB Slant Post Patch

Great Mailbag Question, How do you still use the HB Slant post patch? Against a specific coverage, the HB Slant is very effective and can lead to picking up huge chunks of yards. Lets go to the video and see how we can utilize it against coverage D!

MBT 310 - South Bracket (Fix is IN!)

MBT 310 – South Bracket (Fix is IN!)

SGibs is the one seed in this region! He will have a very tough opponent however in the first round. Lets take a look to see what other ballers will have to battle in the south!

Chris Johnson Madden 10 RB Titans

Top 5 HB’s In Madden (True Ratings)

Sgibs has made all the adjustments to counter CPU ability. What remains is all the userability to make game changing plays, here are the top backs! 1. Chris Johnson 2. Adrian Peterson 3. Steven Jackson (!!!) 4. Reggie Bush 5. Darren Sproles Here we break it all down!