Madden Orlando MLG Recap

Hey, if your new to the site feel free to poke around and read many of our articles which are the best in the community and ALL FREE! Check out an episode of our live TV show that takes place every Thursday and gives you live tips. We also have previews of our Detroit Guide, Jets D-Book and later this week we will be putting out the balanced guide which led Sgibs on a huge run at MLG Orlando as he was the only one getting consistent RC’s and not just running off tackle.

We have TONS of pictures and video from Madden Orlando. The event was amazing in every way and Sgibs made all of maddenbible nation proud with a deep tournament run including 6 straight wins while facing elimination. All against many top players in very tight games.
We will be showing alot of the footage on This week in Madden show 17 which will broadcast live on Ustream and here on Thursday Jan 14th at 8:30 est.
Prodigy ended up winning the whole tournament in a college style overtime against Evil Ken who rolled with the Saints.
Prodigy had great special teams, a solid run game and some amazing stick skills. (similar to the Madden Bible kick return special wiggle on Twim week 6)
We had live updates on our twitter which we hope you enjoyed and now we will be releasing the balanced book which is the ONLY scheme we saw at the tourney that led to consistent to rockets and people saying WOW! If your tired of running off tackle and throwing quick to the flats over and over and want to start slinging it downfield than check out the balanced when it comes out later in the week.
Post your mailbag questions from TWIM show 17 here or send them to us on twitter.

We will also be taking LIVE calls at 508-318-4243 and giving out live tips.
Thanks and I will post some pictures and or Vids ASAP.

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