Madden Orlando MLG – Day 2 Underway

Day 2 will be getting underway today around 10 A.M. We will be tweeting live here @maddenbible

Sgibs and ZFarls both have one loss and will be in the losers bracket to start. We are ready to battle and work our way back in contention. Sgibs had a frustrating loss against the Tennesse Chris Johnsons. ZFarls played a solid opp, and although he took top position gave it away with turnovers.
Derwy, Truth, Los and Kornstar all went down in Day 1 action and there are ALOT of good players here. Just gotta get ready to ball hard.

Play of the day- During overtime, Magic City and his opponent had a real life coin flip to determine the ball. However, on the actual game screen KICK was chosen rather than receive. After much deliberation and almost a small riot, the mistake was upheld and it ended up costing the game.

Here is a preview podcast for the Orlando MLG tournament we did with Glenn Cravens of GYT. This previews some of the big players, new rule changes, predictions and more! Special guest appearance by the Problem, find out why he is still playing! Also, Yo Momma sells us on his game, which he won 2 of on the first day.

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