Madden 11 Tips – Game Length!

Why Does Sgibs prefer longer games while ZFarls would opt for a shorter game?

“Quick, set it to 6 min quarters while he isn’t looking”

Lets take a look at how our gameplan, confidence and strategy can all be effected by the length of Madden quarters!

When playing a shorter game you must do these 3 things very well. -
1. Posses the ball
2. Great clock and t.o. managment
3. Make a big play when the time comes in the game

When locking into a battle in a long game, you need to be able to do these 3 things well.
1. Have a wide array of sets on offense and be comfortable using all of them
2. Pick up on small tendencies of the opponent
3. Make quick adjustments at the start of each drive

Sgibs LOVES playing 5-7 minutes games because it gives him a chance to outclass his opponent and really use all the plays he keeps in his playbook. On defense he can make adjustments against a player who only has 5-7 plays and shut them down. He picks up on the small differences in your offense and can use these tendencies to get stops and force turnovers. His games often start close, but slowly he pulls away and can score on almost evey possession.

How Sgibs attacks a shorter game in his own words -

Any short game needs to have some type of specific game plan. What you need to focus on in a shorter game is primarily dependent on who gets the ball at half time. The vast majority of winners in shorter games are the ones who receive the ball first in the second half. They will tend to have the ball just before the end of the first half and will then again have the ball at the start of the half. This all has to do with the timing of drives and the actual amount of game time. A rule of thumb for ANY game that has three minute quarters or less is to ALWAYS kick, if given the opportunity.

Once we kick the ball off we need to start thinking defense. The way we play defense needs to be different as well. We don’t have the luxury to sit back on our heals, make our reads, and assumptions of how our opponent wants to attack us. In short games each opponent will be lucky if they touch the ball three times. This means we must ATTACK our opponent. Over the years we have preached aggressive defense over coverage defense. Now is the time to implement that strategy. Shorter games favor the aggressor. All we need is that big turnover and we will all but seal our fait.

Now that you have made your turnover/stop you will want to look to put up at least 3 points. That’s right if you have to settle for three then you are going to settle for three. There is no time to play hero in a short game. Take your three points and kick the ball off to your opponent with very little time remaining in the half (your getting the ball in the second half). Once we get the ball in the second half we need to base how we are going to attack our opponent by if we scored a touchdown or a field goal. If we put up a touchdown, look to play ball control and don’t be scared to burn time off the clock. If we scored only a field goal, we still want to play ball control but with a bit more urgency. By the end of this drive the score should at least be 10-0. Now we have our opponent right where we wanted them from the get go. We have a two score lead and our opponent has the ball with very little time remaining in the game. At this point the game is all but over, they need a miracle.

Remember that each game we play needs a game plan. This is simply an overlay of what we need to expect when playing a shorter game. It won’t always go according to plan but if we stick to this formula for shorter style games you will certainly be the victor more times then not!
On the other hand, ZFarls loves to play in short, close games.
“You sure you don’t want to set it on 2 min quarters?”

He is more interested in the time battle in football and the quick adjustments that need to be made. He tends to turn the ball over less and be more careful. He can also run the ball well to really shorten the game and is always ready to make a critical play. He knows that each play is more magnified and is comfortable running his top 3-5 plays. In short games, this is all he needs to have good success against even some of the top players out there. On defense, one stop in a short game can mean a victory and any turnover almost assures the win. Having a good “one” minute offense and being a great time manager can be the difference in getting 3 points in a win, or losing the game.

Now that you know what length of game benefits each player, Do you prefer longer of shorter games? What is your key element that makes you prefer one or the other?

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About the Author: ZFarls is a 23 Year Old Madden Baller from Boston, MA. Along with Sgibs, he owns Madden Bible and looks to give players advanced strategies and tactics to win more madden games. He preaches confidence in what you are running and knowing the situation you are in. Everything else will come naturally!

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