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Sgibs and ZFarls are hard at work! We are getting ready on PS3 under the name maddenbible. We will be doing one last show this week before leaving for Orlando and the MLG. We have some sick stuff to show off once we get back.

Here is a guest post from shopmaster explaining why he feels maddenbible is one of the best sites in the community, thanks for the kind words shop! He has a great site we love to use over at My Madden Pad

Hello Madden Biblers, I just wanted to give major props to Sgibs and Zfarls for the stuff they do for the Madden Community.

I just recently decided to step up my game and get serious about it again and really hit the lab and study my craft. I turned to two guys that I’ve been really impressed by this year in the way they study every aspect of the game. It’s what I would be doing if I had the time. So I let Zfarls and Sgibs do my studying for me and just labbed some of the techniques they have found to be so successful.

I got both their Detroit Playbook guide and their NYJ defensive guide. I was already using the jets defense and it was perfect.

before I started using their guides, techniques, tips, and suggestions I was 51-30 level 8 or 9. I was part of a league so I didn’t play a lot of ranked games but I wanted to start to show everyone how effective the tips and the scheme I run were.

I’ve always felt that having multiple schemes are essential to success.


The first scheme I come out in is the Strong I Twin TE and I run about 5 different plays out of this formation. The key is to make every play look the same. Sgibs and Zfarls talk about this all the time and it keeps your opponent off balanced.

I usually run this scheme for 1 drive. My second drive I use the singleback bunch set and a scheme I came up with. I love this set because the run plays (toss crack and HB Sprint) are very good and after you hit them a couple of times for big pass plays, they don’t know how to defend. Once again making all the plays look alike are keys.

I also run a GUN BUNCH TE set along with a EMPTY TRE FLEX scheme I like to use under two minutes to put drives together. I forgot what show it was that SGIBS and ZFARLS showed how to run the EMPTY set, but that’s when I realized I had that in my playbook.

On defense I i love the 3-4 Sting Pinch and I have a lot of 1-5-5 defenses that I like to mix in to keep my opponent off balanced. My favorite base defense is the 3-4 2 Deep MLB Spy. I can usually shut down people by mixing it up.

So bottom line is I am now: 104-33 lvl 22. So since I’ve been using the tips from Zfarls and Sgibs I am 53-3 and have gone up 13 levels

I have gained almost 2 TD more on offense and take away 2 turnovers more on defense.

Thanks Sgibs and Zfarls, I look forward to looking for more people on the forum to get tips from.

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About the Author: Eric joined the MaddenBible team in September 2009. Aside from building the website, Eric also creates all the graphics for "This Week In Madden" and Directs the show. You can follow Eric on his Twitter page here : Eric on Twitter

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