How ZFarls Got His Groove Back

Zfarls had some struggles during thanksgiving in Madden 10, but after talking with people on the forums, here are the 7 steps he took to get back on track!

1. Took a week off-
I was pressing too hard and trying to many different ways to get wins. The more I played, I fell into bad habits like going for it in worse 4th down situations and running the same defense over and over again because it had been succesful in the past. I realized I needed to take a step out of the Madden world and catch some NFL action. This would free up my mind and allow me to take a deep breath. This week off was spent with family and friends who didn’t know about the virtual frustrations and I instantly forgot all about them. I felt REFRESHED and ready to jump back into Madden 10 to be the best I possibly could!

2. Made A Commitment-
Two huge things happened during that week off.
1. Signed up for Orlando MLG- This was a big commitment, Sgibs and I will be flying to Orlando to compete in the MLG Madden 10 tourney. This simply means that I MUST be ready when Jan 7 rolls around and have no choice but to be ready. True Maddenbiblers don’t b.s. around and I don’t plan on going down there for the pools and sunshine, I plan on winning! From that point where I reserved my spot, hotel and plane ticket, I was all Madden because I made a commitment.

3. Dropped COD – MOW 2- While Call of Duty is a sweet game and a good way to relax, it wasn’t going to help me get ready for Orlando MLG. It was too tempting to toss in for a quick round which then turned into hours of gameplay. I need to focus on Madden so I just brought it to a friends house and dropped it off. I said, hey this is a great game, borrow it please? I dropped it off and now I really have to go all the way over there to play it  which is the perfect barrier. This allows me to focus my energy on Madden.

4. Found a Partner-
Thankfully I didnt have to look to far with Sgibs coming by for NFL Sundays in the Mancave. Anyway, this was a big addition as he helped me add a few wrinkles to my game and vice versa. He showed me a quick adjustment on defense which I was missing and really helped speed up my LB set up time. When you get into a rhythm, having another set of eyes can really point out quick obvious things that you may have missed. We run a similar scheme so implemting just 3 of his money plays really helped expand my options and CONFIDENCE!

5. Got In The Lab- Getting back to basics.

Making sure every audible was still a good option and could lead me to other big plays. Also worked on a few defensive adjustments to hit a few problem areas. If you are honest with yourself, you know the areas you are getting gashed in. I worked on containing the outside run and figuring out what was leading to these breakdowns. The lab was the perfect place to find it all out.

6. Found Great Madden Online Opponents- Was able to play some good players in the forum who will play similar styles to what I will be seeing in Orlando. They were trying to RC and blitzing more than common opponents. Then I played a few players from the lower end of the specturm (12-15) before checking out the upper echelon. Now to be the best you gotta beat the best, but you also need confidence so playing a few solid but flawed opponents lets you build up some confidence!

7.Started Having Fun! – This is the reason we play Madden right? Once I remebered that it was all for fun, I stopped cursing at the TV and enjoying Madden 10 again. Win or Lose, you can find positives from all aspects of your game. Maybe you took a bad fumble but over time these kinks will work themselves out. I remebered how fun it is to user guys and make big plays. These are the type of things that keep us coming back for more season after season!

I know feel that I am ready to go and compete in Orlando MLG. I have a few more sessions to work on defense with Sgibs, but my commitment is still fresh and my confidence is feeling great. I had a had a 7 game win streak snapped but still pulled huge positive’s from the game. I also picked up tons of tips from the callers on “This Week In Madden”! Its great to have an active community who works together and often answers each others questions!

ZFarls Is Back BABY!
-See you in the Lab

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About the Author: ZFarls is a 23 Year Old Madden Baller from Boston, MA. Along with Sgibs, he owns Madden Bible and looks to give players advanced strategies and tactics to win more madden games. He preaches confidence in what you are running and knowing the situation you are in. Everything else will come naturally!

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