How To Make Adjustments Mid-Play!

This is the 2nd article of a 3 part series which breaks down everything that you need to know about:

Pre Play- Before the ball is snapped 1 of 3

During- From Hike to Whistle 2 of 3

Post Play – From Whistle to Play Call Screen 3 of 3

Part 2 : From Snap to Whistle and from sideline to sideline is when and where Madden games are won. In the first article we broke down everything you can possibly learn about setting up your play and using advanced strategy. However, you can’t move the ball and score points until the snap. This is a huge element of playing Madden, EA can add all the bells, whistles and presentation elements to their game but they bread and butter is always going to be playing football. Laying down hit sticks, throwing TD’s and juking defenders will always be at the core of Madden and these games have always gotten this right… Lets take a look at how to maximize our potential while the ball is in play.

Play clock is ticking down, you have made your pre snap reads. Press the A button. Look to see if the blitzers you expected to blitz are coming or have dropped back to fill up the lanes.

On a run play, do not press turbo. Receive the hand off and wait for the assignment to be blocked. You will wait for the hole and then accelerate with turbo. You can afford to sacrifice the sharp left to right cuts you can make while running slow.

On pass plays we have our 5 reads all picked out because we have A Plan and have made our audibles pre snap!. Look at the deep safety’s, if one drops back then its cover 1, if both stay deep than its cover 2. We already know whether its man or zone with the pre snap reads. They one thing we determine when the ball is snapped are blitzers and safety help. Start looking at your primary and be quick to keep scanning the field. We have specifically engineered plays where guys come open at different times and you progress through your reads. Here is an example of what I do on this specific play.

Single Back – Empty Flex- Double Unders- Now, this play is predicated on what I see presnap but once I decide to snap it there is no going back.

Basically look to see if there is a bump, then to see if the safety’s dop back. Next, I quickly check to see if there is a blitz coming from the outside (took YEARS to not be flustered by this) I know my first read is the slot right, if there is a bump then I move to read number two and start to roll left.

Next I check read 2 and 3 who are the left receivers on deep routes, If they are locked up (which clears out that side) I look for the far right receiver and meet up with the left slot guy again who are both on different drag depths across the middle. If all else fails my 5th and final read is to pick up a few yards with my Qb’s legs and close it out.

Now if there had been bump, I would skip and look left quicker, If there was outside blitz pressure, I wouldn’t be rolling out and dump the ball quicker. These are the reasons we lab and build a scheme. We are confident that no matter what the defense brings during the play we can make quick adjustments to move the play.

If everyone drops back at the snap, I also just sit in the pocket and use playmaker to move my guys around until I feel confident in slinging the ball.

While you can score points in your head before the play with good calls and celebrate after, you must execute during the play and have tremendous sticks while playing.

On defense, only go for the hit stick when you have specific back up in the open field. Other wise it can be too risky of a play. The more plays it takes the offense to get in the end zone the better chance you have of forcing a turnover.

When using a defender in open space here is a commonly used tactic.

Get the defender in good position and slow him up by running up field with him (you will cost yourself 5 or 10 yards.) This will give players behind the play a chance to catch up and also get your main defender in good position to make a tackle. When you have him in optimal position and angled, click OFF the user player and allow the computer to make a tackle. This ensures you will not whiff and the CPU is a pretty sure tackler. NOW, this won’t stop a player from breaking the tackle but you have slowed up this already and you will click onto another defender who you continue to run upfield and get in pursuit. The broken tackle animation takes a few seconds and you should be able to recover.

If you don’t have great confidence in your stick ability, you must play smart and not try and go for the interception when making a user swat will do. Keeping the offense on the field in Madden, BUT out of the endzone is a pretty good strategy. They can go 11 for 11 but if the 12th play is a interception than no damage is done. Bend but don’t break.

On offense, during the play it’s key to have a plan and execute it. Be patient and not afraid to take a sack. Know what button to press for which receiver. These are mistakes that top madden players simply don’t make. Most of this comes with the confidence in a player’s game and the patience to throw the ball away and MOVE ONTO THE NEXT PLAY. You get 3 to 4 chances to make a first down EXCEPT if you throw a pick on first down. I have thrown balls 100′s of times that I knew were gonna get picked, why? lack of patience, discipline and confidence in my game. Now during the play, I stick to my plan and know the situation and buttons that will make me successful.

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About the Author: ZFarls is a 23 Year Old Madden Baller from Boston, MA. Along with Sgibs, he owns Madden Bible and looks to give players advanced strategies and tactics to win more madden games. He preaches confidence in what you are running and knowing the situation you are in. Everything else will come naturally!

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