Beating Certain Madden On-Line Opponents!

Twenty Five games into Sgibs challenge he has come across a couple of tendencies from his opponents. All of which I think can help YOU become a better gamer. These tips wont be anything that is going to make you the clear front runner but it will definitely ensure that you are more aware of your opponent. Thus allowing for a better overall experience. Lets take a look at the “types” of players that exist in Madden!

Maddenbible Presents: The Worst Types Of Madden Opponent

5.The Screamer- They get on the headset at the team selection screen, WHATS YOUR RANK LOSER!!! You attempt to let them know and they tell you to shut up. You are just able to turn down the volume before your ears start bleeding. Next the mic is passed to their friend who insists on doing 14 year old comedy routine from the jerky boys. You remember laughing at it when you were 12 but its not so funny anymore. Just for kicks, you score a touchdown and go for two to ignite their temper. You have put the headset down at this point but pick it up to remind them they suck. They say their friend was playing at first, then when its 21-0 they don’t care and weren’t trying anyway. When its 42-0 and they score they let you know how good they are. Finally they quit when its 56-7 but not without a few swear words and maybe a slur or two.

Tactic to avoid: If you hear anyone who sounds like a ten year old on the menu screen, chances are they won’t be a good opponent. Also anyone with a group of people around them think its humorous to pass the mic around so avoid that. Just unplug your mic and they will eventual stop yelling by the first quarter when no body else is responding.

4 The Hurry Upper- PACE PACE PACE! If he was a hoops headcoach, his team would be pressing 40 minutes a game. He knows his team has virtual energy supply which seems to be endless. He just cranked a red bull tall boy and know wants to Peyton Manning all over you. He doesn’t care that he has 5 WR’s on the field and is now audibled into a goaline set, this is the way he lives. Quickly!

How to beat: Check online stats card to see pct% of hurry up used. It is proper in certain situations and often used incorrectly anyways. Make sure on defense you keep your fastest players on the field and ideally want to be in nickel or dime. Whichever size guy you are short on, CB or Dline, Manually control to make up for your lack. Its always better to be in position to defend the pass than run because it can hurt quicker. Manage your timeouts if in a really bad situation. If he is running the same play over and over than this should be an easy win.

3. The Diver- Hmm, I wonder what play this person is going to call next? FB Dive! Yes. Again? Yes. 4th and 46? Hmm FB DIVE!

These games are never fun because you consistently are on defense just watching him run the clock. You score in 3 plays and then he takes a 5 minute drive to kick a FG. Stay calm and focused and don’t get annoyed. As soon as you lose focus a HB screen will come and you will get beat deep. This is the most frustrating part. The chances that he has a good defense are fairly high too.

Tactic to avoid: Look around the stats screen and see playcalling stats. Also depending on what team he picks he could be setting up for it. Turn another TV on in the room and watch that with the 40 full seconds in between plays. Make your possessions count as well because you won’t be getting many. The good news is he can’t score in bunches so force one fumble and this game is over!

2. The Glitcher- This person attempts to exploit the game by running out of bounds or kicking onsides after every possession. They think these tactics are awesome and don’t understand why you aren’t a fan. The truth is that these players will never become good. These things get fixed from year to year and unless you develop an offense and learn how to lab and scheme you are just a one trick pony. The true tactics behind Madden evolve but never change. Running the WR snap might work for a month but then you are back at square one. You put so much of your time figuring out how to do it and make it work that your X’s and O’s football never developed. You then go look for a new one and never get any real skill

To Overcome- The more you play, the more you will see these small exploits. They never will become mainstream because EA will always step in and fix them. It can be a pain to play against but you should be able to destroy these kids anyway because if they were actually good, they wouldn’t be glitching.

1. The Cheater- The worst kind of player out there. This player actually seems like a decent person on the mic. They play a pretty solid game without using to much bogus tactics. Then all of the sudden when your about to kick the GW FG and say nice game, they lag the connection and you miss. Suddenly they are no longer on the mic and can’t be found. Much like a man who says he is going to call a girl and never does. You now feel dirty for thinking he was a decent player and telling him a few of your better plays.

How To Stay Away: There can be signs on stats but only that will take you so far. Remember that people with more games have likely seen more of these tactics. I don’t want to stereotype all people with XXgamertag but for some reason you have not had the best track record online. Remember that at the end of the day these people will still be awful at Madden and not developing your game. You take the high road and consistently want to get better. That is why you are here at maddenbible!

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About the Author: ZFarls is a 23 Year Old Madden Baller from Boston, MA. Along with Sgibs, he owns Madden Bible and looks to give players advanced strategies and tactics to win more madden games. He preaches confidence in what you are running and knowing the situation you are in. Everything else will come naturally!

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