Game Theory Lesson 2 : Winning Critical Plays!

Madden Game Theory Lesson 2

“Stepping into your opponents shoes!”

ZFarls here, I just finished watching the second lesson in Yale’s free class series Econ 159 “game theory”

In class one prof. Pollak taught us 5 strategies that we can use to gain an advantage against the opponent. I broke these down and helped put them into madden terms.

For lesson two the main concept of the class boils down to one thing. “What is common knowledge and how can you use it against your opponent?”

So, on third and 20 our opponent knows that we will not run the football and we wont throw an out route less that 15 yards. Thus it also must be stated that we will not run the football and we wont throw an out route less than 15 yards. This keeps going back and forth and they know that we know that they know, etc. That is what common knowledge is right there.

So, in a big situation, you want to step into your opponents shoes before the play and realize what they are trying to accomplish. You must also realize that they will be stepping into your offensive shoes and running through what plays you have used to gain that much yardage from past experiences.

Traps To Avoid!

One place where defensive players make big mistakes is by being afraid of what they would do in that situation. The defender often says well I would run a screen on third and 20 so that seems like a good defense to scheme here. Then the opponent who hasnt run a screen all game runs the same deep route and you are left in the dust. You stepped into your own shoes and not into your opponents. This is a common mistake that players make. They love their own offense so much that when they seem someting that looks like theirs they assume that the player is going to run it. Don’t fall into this trap.

Step into the opponents cleats and not your own cleats on the other side of the ball!

Another thing to realize whether or not your opponent is a rational player, do they do things that make sense and allow them to get the best possible reward in the situation they are placed. If they are rational and don’t play dominated strategies they will step into your shoes and you will have to not fall into a trap of allowing them to guess your strategy.

Online players get better the more they play and the higher the level the more strategy the implement in their game

Level 1-10,

Most likely is rational if they have an above avg record. They seem to do plays that make sense in the grand scheme of the game but wont neccesarily think much past what they are doing.

Level 11-23

Most likely are rational players if they have good avg opp level. They will consider the play that their opp is picking, however they might not reverberate it back into the play they are picking always. They will often consider what they would do in that situation but not what the actual opp would do and fall into the above trap often.

Level 23 and up

These players are very crafty and are always rational. They harness their inner bellicheck and like to often think of what the opponent will do and then pick the correct play accordingly. What happens alot here in a high ranked game is that they know what the opponent will do, but the opponent will know what they will do, and they know that the opponent knows what they will do, etc.

This brings the article back to the week two theory of “common knowledge”. If you know what your opp is gonna do and he knows what your going to do, than the player with the best skills, is going to win!

Its all about skills, sticks, remaining calm, and execution. The good news is these things come with practice!

What are you waiting for, get in the LAB!!!

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About the Author: ZFarls is a 23 Year Old Madden Baller from Boston, MA. Along with Sgibs, he owns Madden Bible and looks to give players advanced strategies and tactics to win more madden games. He preaches confidence in what you are running and knowing the situation you are in. Everything else will come naturally!

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