5 Things To Expect From Madden 10!

Well, after a listening to a good interview on the EAFL Podcast with an EA Sports Mind, I have started to determine what I expect to see in Madden 10 and what I don’t think will make the cut. It sounds like they are really excited about this years version of Madden and here is what I would expect to be in it!

1. The End Of The FB Dive!

This simple gimmick has really dominated the tournament scene for the past two Madden’s. Honestly, if you don’t know what I am talking about here than just flat out quit the game. Specifically in the tournament scene where the game is short, guys can posses the ball and not need much more than a solid defense, one pass play and the FB Dive. We all know the HB goes into the FB Spot and pounds away. Its not one specific run but nearly any FB dive.

Well it looks like they understand the problem with this play and the FB not really having an animation before sprinting forward and charging the LOS. EA can simply adjust this and slow him down to make it null and void. It may still have its moments but it looks like they will tone this down. What users want is a way to shut it down when we absolutely know its coming but we may be a version or two away from that thus far!

2. Less Glitches-

Anyone who is a fan of the online version of the game realizes that these things will come out sooner or later but in the interview EA says “They Fear Glitches” They know eventually that a few will come out and they really hate to see that. This year was the big HB Direct snap glitch from the TB playbook as well as many others out there. Their were many in 07 as well but they were mostly cleaned up. We have seen that EA can patch the game as well which should help bring down the apparent glitches.

I would assume they know about most of the 09 glitches by now, how many others could there be? Stay tuned because there is always a way but I would expect 10 to be alot cleaner game.

3. Less Effective Rocket Catching-

08 was the year of the Spec Catch, guys like Malcom Floyd and Brandon Lloyd were able to be big assets due to a specific rating.

09 was the year of the Rocket Catch where nearly anyone and especially taller receiver were able to rocket up and make big grabs. For Madden 10, I believe that receivers will be more prone to dropping catches with that animation and also defenders will react to the ball better. They removed strafe but people manually strafe now. I would think that EA will find a way to take some of these things out that even the playing field. Who can’t Rocket curls and FB dive all game! They know about these issues and I would expect some type of fix.

One person asked for non holding down of the Y button, however this didn’t seem realistic because EA must cater to there non hardcore fans who buy more copies than the hardcore games. Little Johnny whose Mom bought him the game wants to be able to user catch and timing for him is out of the question. This kills hardcore users but at the end of the day money is the only thing that matters so expect the Holding of Y to still be the way the game is played.

4. Crazy Variation of Stats-

I believe this has been announced formally but overall it means that a RB like Earnest Graham will have only 80 speed and low grade corners will have around 85 speed.

Lets look at the DE’s of Indy in this years version of Madden. Freeney and Mathis both have around 87-88 speed which is nuts. A veteran corner like Ty Law has 84 speed. This is something that needs more balance and I expect Madden 10 to even it out. This way they spread out the system and guys can have better variety of skills and speed will actually mean something again.

I don’t expect to see alot less guys with 99 ratings though. Normally you wouldn’t want more than a few players at each position with 97 and up ratings but I think they will leave the high end of the specturm intact. This is an interesting thing that EA sports games vary differently on. Madden team ratings fluctuate from 97-70′s. A good game like NHL 09 keeps everyone grouped in the 80′s range for the most part. Now they are two different sports but i like the Balance of the NHL game and think it keeps using other teams fun!

5. Real Online League Modes - Upon the insane success of the EAHL and overall good reviews of NCAA 09 Dynasty mode, it was a shame to see Madden 09 not really have a good league mode. I never went into it really because if it was good all my friends would have been playing it and not using supporting sites like leaguedaddy to run their own. The EAFL Commish was really adamant about seeing this type of game mode and the EA person didn’t let us down. Judging from there conversation and the Commish wish list, He said we wouldn’t be disappointed this year. Here is what I expect to see.

Full online league modes for 32 players.

Some type of league stat tracking

A Draft whether it be Fantasy or Team based. Includes different types of transactions.

The ability to carry it over from season to season.

All in all this mode will be something that could add a ton of fun to a game like this. With the popularity of the other EA games, I would be shocked not to see a new overhaul on the Online League Modes!

You must remember that Madden 06 Next Gen was an absolute Joke as well as 07. However 08 was a solid offering that helped transition the game over from its PS2 glory. Madden 09 really was a toned up version of 08 and was a little more equal as far as what worked and what did not. Its clear that the rocket curls and FB dive dominated however and an adjustment will be made. The good news is that this developer was passionate during the interview and he thought they had what it took to make the Madden 10 the best one yet! Stay tuned for more official words and features as they are released. Expect a full breakdown from Madden Bible! Thanks

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About the Author: ZFarls is a 23 Year Old Madden Baller from Boston, MA. Along with Sgibs, he owns Madden Bible and looks to give players advanced strategies and tactics to win more madden games. He preaches confidence in what you are running and knowing the situation you are in. Everything else will come naturally!

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