Top 5 Reasons Your Blitz’s Aren’t Creating Havoc!

Do you keep bringing heat, gas, pressure, all terms for the Blitz?

If you are trying to capture your inner Jim Johnson or Steve Spagnolo relax with that controller. Put it down and take a deep breath.

Lets read a chapter from the Madden Bible with ZFarls and see if we can figure out ways to send less guys and still get effective pressure.

The Top 5 Reasons Your Blitzes Aren’t Getting Pressure

1. No originality- They are the same recycled garbage from 08. Guys point number 1 is simple. If its a simple blitz and everyone and their mother runs it, its probably not very good anymore. Yes it was hard to operate against the D-Line glitch in last years game. But after seeing it for about the 50th time I recognized ways to slow it down and get away from the pressure. The chances are if you are using a garbage blitz that you bought online people are gonna know how to at least slow it down.

2. Its all you do- I have played people who blitz upwards of 90 percent online. Every down they seem to be manipulating the line and do about 50 pre snap adjustments. I do believe that this can mess with the heads of younger players and crappy Qb’s in real life. (See Orslovsky, Dan) However in madden the offense has the last adjustment and can always defeat one on one coverage. Good players will realize where it is coming from and ways to slow it down. They will also not bow their heads in defeat if they get into a 2nd in 17 situation and you are still teeing off. They will look to get chunks of yards back and into a manageable third down situation

3. You aren’t bringing it to the right spot on the field.

I know that one of my money offensive plays can slowed when players do something against me. I know if i see that coming that I shouldn’t even try the play. It can be discouraging because I love to run the play but I must be smarter and call an audible. However, if people call this play to the other side or don’t get it called by the time I hike it than I know I am at an advantage.

I like to roll right on this specific play and I hate to roll into pressure. So if you bring your blitz down the left side I can roll away from it and have enough to hit my man down field. However if you bring it from the right and I roll into it then I get pissed and snap my controller because I should have seen it coming. You could bring 8 guys from the left and have no effect. You can bring 1 from the right and it will mess my world up. Now that you know how to slow me down, lets move on here.

4. A wise man said, you can never bring enough heat. However that man never won a madden challenge. You need to blitz smarter not blitz harder.

Just because you engage eight every play doesn’t mean its a good blitz. I have seen guys rush 4 and they get better pressure. In madden more doesn’t mean better. Maybe work on ways to line up your players and call different stunts on the d-line so guys can get free. Just remember it doesn’t matter how many you bring it only matters who gets to the QB and disrupts the offenses timing.

5. Field Position Battle-

One thing I always know is the down and distance. If there is a 3rd and 7 on the 33, I know all the possible consequences of the play I am going to choose. Here is a specific time in the game where my opponent can cost me points without a turnover. If he is a good player than I can assume that he is going to bring some pressure.

I can either crumble or be ready for it. I must choose one of my quicker developing plays here and keep an extra man into block. The reason I know he would like to get a sack here is because it would knock me out of FG range which is a huge swing. I would then probably have to net a terrible punt or go for an unrealistic long 4th and 13 completion. (See Bellicheck, Bill SB 42) These are lynch pin moments in football games that can separate the Wins from Losses and go unnoticed. Maybe I offset his pressure with a screen or call a two back set with 7 blockers and have enough time to hit a player at the sticks. The reason you may not be getting pressure on these types of plays is because you should blitz and the better players all know it. Maybe fake a blitz and sit a guy into a zone for a bigger game changer than an sack, an INT!

We will soon be working on a few specific blitz plays to help you achieve these goals so stay tuned to Madden Bible for updates.

See you in the lab!

Z Farls and Sgibs

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About the Author: ZFarls is a 23 Year Old Madden Baller from Boston, MA. Along with Sgibs, he owns Madden Bible and looks to give players advanced strategies and tactics to win more madden games. He preaches confidence in what you are running and knowing the situation you are in. Everything else will come naturally!

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